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The COVID-19 Pandemic and Fallout

In March, 2020 we all anxiously watched the news, most of us tuning in to World News tonight for the latest information on the elusive virus.  We watched the stock market crumble, began to disinfect our hands, wear masks, wipe down deliveries, and seek meaning.  Many of us took more time to be with our closest loved ones.  

For many, isolation was very difficult and as we humans are apt to do, adopted or purchased a new friend.  Many of these friends that made their way into our homes were obtained on a whim to stave off loneliness, to cultivate a new experience, and in some cases to fulfill a dream of getting to know birds!  

Other folks took to birding in their back yards, and learned more about birds and became intrigued by the idea of a feathered companion and brought a little bird home.  Still others found social engagement in Zoom parties and digital happy hours with friends, while many picked up a new skill or learned about something they've always wanted to but never knew about.   So many of us did not have a choice but to keep working in our essential community roles.  Even more of us lost our jobs, and some of us lost our paths.  It's been really hard for so many many reasons, but together we all muddled through the last year.  

As our bank accounts drained, and uncertainty and chaos ensued, many of us had to make extremely difficult financial decisions.  Some of us couldn't pay rent, buy groceries, or suffered unimaginable loss of life, home, property and many of us lost relationships strained from political and ethical disagreements, unwavering foundational beliefs that did not mesh well and many of us began to feel the stress was overwhelming.  

Our pets really helped us through these trying days.  Non-judgemental, reliably present,, calming our frayed senses for the most part; but sadly, in some cases, these same pets caused stress too.  One of the examples we have seen over and over these past 18 months is that veterinary care during a recession and pandemic became a luxury and was JUST ANOTHER STRESS for so many.  

Many low income individuals, partners and families with some of the least expensive pets to keep; the "little birds," we found suffered the most from the lack of resources.  Rescues, understaffed due to the pandemic, cannot be the only answer for these sweet friends. Society itself needs to support those that have fallen, that need help.  When we all do better, WE ALL DO BETTER.  We founded Little Bird on the belief WE CAN DO BETTER FOR ALL.

Little bird is undergoing a journey to create a philanthropic organization to assist any little bird in our community (and eventually beyond) that needs medical care.  The only requirement is that their human is in financial need to provide the care they require.  Our goal is to foster the human-avian bond by assisting financially to allow avian guardians the financial support their birds need at the time they need it most.  We believe that if we all had enough we would do whatever we could to help our fine feathered companions out in sickness AND in health.

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What Is A "Little Bird"?

A little bird is a bird in need.  An underserved creature in an underserved community.  Sometimes, a little bird isn't even a bird, but a forgotten little friend in a damp basement corner.  Once in awhile a little bird is actually a pretty darn large creature; but they bring a lightness to a soul.  More often than not, a little bird is well loved and is a light in the darkness for someone.  We believe that that relationship should be cherished and honored.  We believe that we all deserve love, kindness and care.  We believe that sometimes a helping hand can be all the difference in the world, and sometimes healing goes beyond the physical.  We believe that the bonds of families and flocks should be preserved.

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